Blog Reboot

I deleted my blog for the sake of reinventing myself and I gave up on writing. This was two years ago. I just felt like everything I wrote was trash but luckily I downloaded a file of my content in case I changed my mind. Well I obviously changed my mind and started an entire … Continue reading Blog Reboot


Why taking train is a dreadful experience

I’ve been taking train for numerous years and I can safely say that it has to be the worst form of public transportation available. I realize this is painfully obvious so I’ll keep it short. Top five reasons taking train is basically disappointment on wheels. 1. Trains are never on time Why train times exist, … Continue reading Why taking train is a dreadful experience

“When are you getting married?”

I'm probably the most inconsistent blogger ever, I don't even think I'm allowed to call myself a blogger because I'm just that terrible at it *sigh*. That being said, now that I'm in my twenties the question I get asked the most is: "when are you getting married?" Followed by a statement that usually goes … Continue reading “When are you getting married?”